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Nominated by Talvin Singh as a brilliant new artist with a crossover style of Indian Classical, folk, and pop, Tamarind’s music has appeared on TV and radio around the world and was featured on So You Think You Can Dance. Recently she sung on the movie, "Sold" written and directed by Jeffrey Brown.


Tamarind grew up on a small island in Fiji, where she studied ballet, yoga, and Indian singing. At the age of 17 she left to study Indian Classical music with Ali Akbar Khan at his college in California. She soon became very dedicated to the intricacies of Indian music and stayed for many years becoming one of Ali Akbar Khan's advanced students, eventually performing and teaching.


While at The Ali Akbar College, Tamarind also toured with UK-based ariel dance company "Fidget Feet" where she sang and danced suspended in the sky from a crane above crowds of thousands. She has performed in many countries including Ireland, England, Italy, Fiji, and across the United States. And through out her travels she has collaborated with artists from a variety of genres including Loop Guru, Talvin Singh, Jack Irons, Alex Gibson, Facing East, Nick Milo, Gawain Mathews, and Sammy Chand. 


Tamarind's recent album, "Hansa" is a beautiful collection of ancient Indian prayers and poems set to original music using a variety of Western and Eastern instruments, arrangements, and production. Recorded and produced by Gawain Mathews (Mickey Hart, Ben Lee, Zion I, Ben Leinbach, Tim Hockenberry, Lara Johnston) and Tamarind.


Her previous album "Sounds Alone" is the result of a creative collaboration with producer Alex Gibson (Art of Peace, Stuart Davis, and David Lee Roth). These songs are colorful and bright, full of hope and sincerity. Sounds Alone features the talents of Jack Irons (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam) Nick Milo (Tower Of Power, Joe Cocker) Sean Hurley (John Mayer, Annie Lennox) David Levita (Rod Stuart, Alanis Morissette) Zac Rae (Gnarls Barkley, Fiona Apple) and Blair Sinta (Annie Lennox, Alanis Morissette).  Recorded at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles. 


Tamarind's newest album "Threads" (soon to be released) Combines her Indian training and influence with her love for Poetry and storytelling. These songs of love lost and found speak like secrets whispered through her imagery and 60's style production. Mixed by Adam Munoz with direction from Jeffrey Woods at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, Ca. 


Sometimes accompanied only by her folk style guitar playing with the occasional Indian drone and rhythmic instrument, her solo show keeps her audience in a place of trance and intrigue. Tamarind's recordings reflect her full-band show by combining simple, pure and intimate with captivating highs and lows. Her ascetic and qualities could be compared to artists such as Emiliana Torrini, Norah Jones, Mazzy Star and Sheila Chandra, with a hint of Leonard Cohen in her lyrics. 


About the song writing process Tamarind says:

"I like lyrics that have many meanings while still painting a very clear picture. I love writing that you can read over and over and find new meaning at different times for different reasons. Sometimes words and melodies just appear and I'm grateful to be there to catch them. Other times I work hard to clearly express exactly what I wish to say. " 


Tamarind's music has been described by Karl Anderson of Global Recording Artists as, "Hauntingly Beautiful, sung with the voice of an angel. A mesmerizing sound that will soothe your soul and lift your spirit toward the light in the universe." Paul Liberatore of the Marin Independent Journal says, "Exotic and yet accessible, different from anything I've heard before."


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