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Naitauba Padavara 40th Mela Offering...

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Naitauba Padavara I made this photo offering of Beloved Adi Da's Footprints in the sand on the beach on Naitauba Island, Fiji. They are printed on high quality photo card stock with a celebratory description on the back. They are 4 x 6 so you can frame them easily with a standard 4x6 size frame. I'm selling them for $9 and free shipping in the USA from now until the end of Oct. For international orders please contact me for best options. They are available on my website photography page through a link to Etsy. or

Also this photograph and another similar one, are available on my Smugmug photo site where you can order them on different materials such as metal, canvas, stone, and keepsake options. I wanted to make these sacred photographs available this month to honor this 40th anniversary and to be connected to so many friends and family who are remembering and celebrating this happy time.

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